Our mission

Forest Wool mission is to diversify mono culture driven fiber industries. Promoting efficient use of unutilised resources - reducing the dependency on imported, farmed fibers.

What we do..

At Forest Wool we develop the extraction technique that turns waste coming from the timber industry - pine needles - into the fiber which is used for fabric production for clothing.

600.000.000 pine trees = 80.000.000m fabric

Why we do it...

Pine trees are the world’s main source of timber. Every year 600 million pine trees are cut down in the EU alone. But there is more to the tree than just wood: pine needles account for 10-30 percent of its mass and to this day they are an unappreciated and underutilized waste-product of logging.

Pine needle fiber is a much more sustainable alternative to cotton because the production of pine needle textile doesn’t require agricultural land, pesticides, and water for its resources to grow. It is a local, an off-seasonal by-product from logging.